Stress Management – Bedford College 2002
Holistic Therapies – Bedford College 2002
(Includes Swedish Massage, Deep Neuromuscular
Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Indian Head
Massage, Holistic Facial)
Other Recognised Qualifications
Crystal Healing Year 1 – SVA 2004
Crystal Healing Year 2 – SVA 2006
Yoga Teacher Training – Ickwell Bury 2006
Remedial Yoga - Inner Healing School of Yoga 2009
Anusara Teacher Training Part 1 - Nov 2011
Anusara Teacher training Part 2 - Jan 2012
Anusara Teacher Training Part 3 - March 2012
Other Courses & CPD
Usui Reiki 1 – 2002
Usui Reiki 2 – 2002
Massage for Pregnancy & Labour - 2002
Usui Reiki Master – 2003
AromaStones Massage – 2006
Angel Therapy Practitioner - 2008
100hrs Anusara Yoga Immersion - 2010/2011
Yoga as Therapy Training - 30hrs - 2013
Coaching Success - 5 Days - June 2013
Ascension Meditation - June to November 2015
For me Stress Free Zone isn’t just a business or
merely a way of earning a living...it is a purpose. This
sense of purpose has kept me going and reassured me
when I have doubted myself as a Yoga teacher, which
in the early days I did a lot! Initially I wanted to
create a space for people to come and experience
Peace, as that’s what I wanted for myself! I came to
learn that when Peace becomes our inner experience,
we can take that Peace with us wherever we go. It’s
not dependant on anything outside of us...
I was never naturally bendy. I can’t (yet!) sit in lotus
and having a passion for extreme sports such as figure skating, wakeskating and
snowboarding (the latter I’m still mastering!), I acquired a fair few injuries and
therefore restrictions in my body. One of the hardest lessons I learnt was that Yoga
is not about the Asana (meaning postures). Asana is merely a vehicle in which to
experience Yoga; they are not Yoga itself.
Yoga is the state of union when our mind, heart and body are united with the creative life force that flows through
us. It’s when we are in the present moment, not lost in the past or fantasizing about the future; but here, present to
what is right Now. If we practice Asana we will become strong, fit and flexible as a matter of course...but that is not    
Yoga’s intention. We practice on our mats, whether actively through Asana or by being still in Meditation, so that we
may live more fully. Yoga connects us with our true and authentic Selves. Once I realised this, everything became
easier and I stopped comparing myself to what my mind had decided was “the ideal Yoga teacher”. The practice of
Yoga has transformed me in ways I could not have imagined, yes physically, but also at much deeper levels. It is this
depth of experience that I wish to share with anyone that is prepared to try it. Yoga’s magic is subtle but it is there
none the less.
Having a history of severe anxiety, panic attacks and depression, being hyper sensitive (I used to get overwhelmed in
groups, which made teacher trainings interesting!) and being a bit of a worrier generally, made this a challenging
journey. As a child I spoke very little and used look to my mother to answer for me. I was ill quite a lot of the time
through anxiety related stress and chest complaints that I now know were aggravated by my shallow breathing. I was
bullied at school, extremely shy and self conscious, so having to stand in front of a group of people and open my mouth
to guide them initially triggered all my worst fears and anxieties. I often thought, “What am I doing? I’m really not
suited to this!” But the seed of Yoga had been planted and I knew if I watered it by practising and had faith, the
state of Yoga would guide me out of fear (of which all anxiety stems) and back into trust and therefore Love.
All I can tell you is that the practice of Yoga helped me to overcome all of these things and allowed me to build a
strong trust in myself and the universe, which is no longer a scary place but a place full of Love and beauty. That
beauty was always there... I just never saw it. Yoga shifted my perception, and in a sense, proved to me by direct
experience, that it works! Ascension Meditation now anchors me in that experience. It gives me the tools to experience
Peace, not just on my mat but also in those spaces in-between, in fact any time I choose. Ascension Meditation
enhances every area of my life, including my Yoga practice. I have come to experience Ascension as the “root” of
Yoga. Where I used to practice to move into “stillness” and find Peace, with ascension I now move with “stillness” from
In February 2015 I learnt Ascension Meditation on a 1st Sphere Course with The Bright Path Ishaya’s. The simplicity
and immediate effect of the techniques blew “me” away, literally! From there I embarked on personal journey of Self
discovery; a six month Mastery of the Self course in the beautiful mountains of Spain. I am Now an Ishaya Monk,
qualified to teach Ascension Meditation and I have dedicated my life to the awakening of human consciousness and to
serving anyone that has the desire to be free from the limiting thoughts and beliefs that can plague the human mind.
To watch a video of The Mastery of the Self course click here.
The Ishayas believe that to live in a state of unbounded Joy and Freedom, with a stable experience of Peace as our
foundation, is our birthright and that we can experience all of these things and more right Now, no matter what is
going on on the outside. They already exist within us as our natural state. We just need to know where to place our
attention. Ascension changed my relationship with my thoughts and feelings and therefore changed ALL of my
relationships. It continues to help me to fully show up and be present in my life, to be authentic and to recognise the
Truth of who I am.
Yoga and Meditation practices are maintenance for the mind, body and Spirit, of that I have no doubt. I have
personally experienced and seen their powerful effect many times through working as a casual coach with Team Beds &
Luton, where we took Yoga into local schools. I have taught Get Back Into classes, corporate classes and of course my
own classes and one to one clients. Whether I teach strong power Yoga, gentle or mixed level, intermediate,
restorative Yoga Relax or classic Meditation, the results over time are always the same... Increased health, increased
vitality, an increased sense of calmness, peace and wholeness. Ascension Meditation seems to speed up the process
some what!
I hope my journey will inspire you to give Yoga and/or Meditation a try. To follow my blog on Holistic Health and
Poetry on Spirituality, Love, Life and Grace, please sign up at www.thebendywitch.com and like my page 
Raye x
I would like to offer gratitude to my yoga teachers over the years, starting
from the beginning with Kevin Silous (Hatha), Bridget Woods Kramer
(where I first fell in love with Anusara!), Jenny & all the teachers at Ickwell
Bury, especially  Angela Thompson (Hatha), Brigitte Rooney (Anusara
Inspired), Jaquie Stretton (Remedial), Sue Hill (Iyenger), teachers Claire
Murphy and Bruce Bowditch (Anusara) and Doug Kellar (Yoga as therapy).
Each has imparted to me a special gift and if there is one thing I have learnt 
for sure its that there is no one way to approach yoga...but whichever way
you approach it, its all good! I also extend my gratitude to my Teacher MKI,
to all the Mastery teachers at The Bright Path and my fellow Ishaya teachers
for showing me by example how easy it is to live a life of Joy and Peace . 
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