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Stress Free Zone
c: Rachael Hawes
    e: info@stressfreezone.org.uk         m: 07966 775150
Yoga Courses and Master Classes are designed to help you
gain a deeper understanding of Yoga Alignmment Principles
and the underlying Attitudes that determine how you
experience, not just your Yoga practice, but your life.
Yoga cannot be experienced in the mind. Each Course and
Master Class is designed to help you move from having a
concept of Yoga to giving you a direct, full bodied,
experience of Yoga.
Yoga practice has many limbs or facets, which can be helpful
in maintaining a healthy body, mind and Spirit. There are
many ways to practice Yoga and these courses aim to help
you understand what your body needs depending on its current state.
Master Classes generally focus on the alignment of a particular Asana or series of
Asana (ie. inversions, back bends, etc).
Please email rachael@stressfreezone.org.uk if there is a particular course/master
class you would like to attend...all inspiration is most welcome.