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Stress Free Zone
c: Rachael Hawes
    e: info@stressfreezone.org.uk         m: 07966 775150
Welcome  to Stress Free Zone!
Here you will find opportunities to experience:
Peace with your mind    Relaxation   Calmness
Clarity   Flexibilty
Community   Happiness     Joy
 Love of Life
Reclaim your innate power and fire up your life!
There is so much more to Yoga than stretching..
Join a class and find out how Yoga and Meditation
can change your life for the better
Hi,I’m Rachael Hawes (Raye
for short!) I am a Yoga and
Meditation teacher, writer,
Poet, and proprietor of Stress
Free Zone. I’ve recently
returned from Spain after a 6
month Mastery of The Self
Retreat with The Bright Path
Ishayas where I trained to be
an Ishaya Monk! My teacher
gave me the Sanskrit name
Rajita (Raye for short!) meaning
Bright, Brilliant, Illuminated and
Resplendent! I hope to live up to
that name by being a guiding
light for you, by reflecting to
you your own inner BEaUty,
Brilliance and Light. I am now
offering Ishayas Ascension Meditation courses and groups,
alongside Yoga and Holistic Therapies. Check out the News and
Events tab to stay updated on classes, courses and events. For
natural Holistic Health tips on maintenance of the body, how to
be at Peace with the mind, and for Poetry to nourish the Soul,
please sign up to my wordpress blog The Bendy Witch.
Stress Free Zone promotes a holistic approach to dealing with stress and “Yoga for ALL”, the motto of the institute
with which I originally trained. Don’t worry, you don’t need to learn Sanskrit, sit in Lotus posture or be able to put
your toes in your ears to benefit from yoga and meditation, although chanting in Sanskrit is a great way to alleviate
stress if you so choose. No matter what age, build, level of flexibility, there will be something that yoga can offer you
in the quest for a healthier lifestyle, happiness and inner peace. Yoga is maintenance for the mind, body and spirit.
May your yoga practice remind you to BREATHE more deeply, LIVE more fully, LOVE unconditionally with all your heart
and to BE yourself always.
Bright Blessings
Raye x
Weekly Group Meditation 
4 wk Yoga Flow  Course
starting 26/4/16
Come chat at the Flitwick
MBS Fayre 23rd & 24th April
Retreat Day 15/5/16
@ The Granary
1st Sphere 17th-19th June
with Saraswati & Rajita
in Kempston, Bedford.
For courses all over the UK see
No Tuesday morning
classes until 26/4/16.
They will relaunch with a
Yoga Flow 4 wk course:
How to Flow with Alignment
Click here for more info.