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This is my blog and alternative website where I post all my poetry and write about Yoga,
Spirituality, Holistic Health and Beauty....and basically anything that takes my fancy! You can
follow my posts  through Wordpress or to get notified of posts please sign up by email.
Keep updated with Stress Free Zone weekly class themes & special offers that may not
appear on the website.
This page is for Neal Yards Remedies info and special offers. Stay updated on the latest
products, host gifts and tips on organic health and beauty.
This page has info on all the teachers, classes and events at The Granary Yoga Studio
This is the official page for The Granary Bed and Breakfast that houses The Granary Yoga
Studio. This is where some of my open classes and some Master Classes and Retreat Days
are held. The Granary is located in a beautiful setting with rooms available to hire for Yoga
events and also for small business conferences.
The Hot Gates: Cross Fit is a new venue for Stress Free Zone open Yoga classes in 2016.
Yoga and Cross Fit are great partners if you want fitness as well as flexibility. This cross fit
box is kitted out with everything you need, and most importantly, has great trainers and
coaches to keep you motivated and on track. These guys, like me, are all about creating
Community and we offer FREE tasters sesssions of Yoga and Cross Fit so you can try before
you commit. As an added bonus, The Hot Gates: Cross Fit members get extra discounts on
Yoga session cards.
See this website to learn about Anusara Yoga..
This is the website for the Yoga for Health & Education Trust, formally Yoga for Health Trust at
Ickwell Bury, Beds,with whom I did my initial training. The trust is dedicated to promoting Yoga
for All, particularly to those less able. You can find general info on Yoga on this site as well as
teachers in other areas.
This is the website for The British Wheel of Yoga. Although I am not trained by the British
Wheel, one of my teachers Angela Thompson, is a British Wheel teacher trainer. This website
is a good general resource and will help you to find a yoga teacher near you.
A good website for yoga kit, books, music and dvd’s.
Online yoga magazine with lots of interesting articles, info on retreats and a pose finder and
sequence builder.
The best place to buy your crystals, dowsers and wands. They also sell lovely gemstone
jewellery, angel cards,incense and lots more. This site is full of useful information on crystals,
chakras and spirituality.
Kanti is an amazing Sound Healer, give one of her sound baths a try and allow the vibrations
of gong and crystal bowls to gently soothe all the cells in your body. She is also a Hatha Yoga
teacher and we co-teach the Yoga Retreat Days at Manor Farm.
Jane DeLacey Munday taught me how to work with PMC. As well as facilitating workshops
she makes beautiful jewellery and fingerprint keepsakes, as you will see on her website
Pippa Moss offers pre and post natal yoga classes in Bedfordshire.
Bridget was one of my first teachers and I am so grateful to have been able to study with her
again. Although I did not see or train with Bridget for nearly 10 years, her influence on my
own personal yoga practice never waned. One of only two certified AnusaraYoga teachers in
the UK, she runs Anusara immersions, teacher trainings and workshops around the world.
Claire Murphy is one of two certified Anusara Yoga teachers in the UK. She has a beautiful
way of expressing and teaching the Anusara principles of alignment and I can thoroughly
recommend her courses and workshops. She has her own studio in Chippenham where she
runs Anusara classes, workshops, immersions and teacher trainings.
Bruce is one of Americas top Anusara Yoga teachers. He ventures to the UK to co-teach
Anusara Teacher Trainings with Claire Murphy. Bruce has authored three books about yoga
and teaches workshops both nationally and abroad. He is an accomplished healer and
possesses detailed knowledge and skill in yoga therapeutics.
Brigitte is a certified Anusara Inspired Yoga teacher in Milton Keynes. I often frequent
Brigitte’s classes and workshops to enhance my own personal practice. Brigittes classes are
dynamic and fun. She also runs retreats in the UK and abroad in warm and exotic locations
so if you fancy a Yoga holiday then contact Brigitte for more info.
Tofte Manor is home to a beautiful labyrinth that can be walked for contemplation and healing,
as well as beinga venue for many spiritual retreats.
Marston Vale is home to the Millennium Country Park and within walking distance from Stress
Free Zone so you can treat yourself to lucnch after a relaxing holistic therapy. This is, in itself,
a great place to de-stress. You can enjoy a leisurely walk, watch sailing on Stewartby Lake,
hire bicycles, birdwatch, visit the wetlands and see a multitude of wildlife, get involved in
conservation projects....or simply enjoy a cuppa and some tasty grub in the restaurant. There
is a kids play area and a gift shop too.
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