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Free Intro talk - 1st June @ Stress Free Zone - 7.30pm
1st Sphere Weekend - 17th - 19th June in Kempston, Bedford with Saraswati & Rajita - full details coming soon
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Monday 4th
7.30 - 9.30pm
Thursday 7th
7.45 - 9.15pm
Group Meditation
Thursday 14th
7.45 - 9.15pm
Group Meditation
Thursday 21st
7.45 - 9.15pm
Group Meditation
Thursday 28th
7.45 - 9.15pm
Group Meditation
Stress Free Zone
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So what’s the difference between classic Yoga meditation and Ascension you may ask?
In my experience, Ascension Meditation is mindfulness with Attitude! It is one thing to
be aware of the mind...or any movement that is occuring in the mind and body (many
Yoga meditation practices focus on the breath), but Ascension Meditation allows us to
move beyond the part of our experience that is moving and teaches us how to focus on
the part of us that is unchanging and unmoving. We use Ascension Attitudes based on
Praise, Love, Gratitude and Compassion to take us directly to this place. Once we have
had a direct experience of this, we can choose to “Ascend” anytime and therefore
always be able to choose for Peace.
The first four Ascension Attitudes are usually taught over a weekend (Friday night
through to Sunday) with two Ishaya teachers and includes 6 weeks of follow up videos
and ongoing support from your teachers (which I personally found invaluable!)
The course is £200 for the full weekend and ongoing support. Once you have taken this
course, which we call the 1st Sphere, it is FREE forever to resit with any Ishaya teacher,
anywhere in the world, and you are also welcome to attend any FREE local Ascension
meetings. Our meetings are at Stress Free Zone, usually the 1st Monday of the month.
The techniques are simple and mechanical in their application. No belief in anything is
required. You do not need to try and stop your thoughts or change/heal yourself in any
way for the techniques work. You do not need to sit or breathe in any particular way. You
can use the techniques with your eyes closed and eyes open.
Everyone in our local Ascension community agrees that if they do the practice they
notice immediate effects on the level of Peace, Joy, Calmess, Ease and Clarity in their
experience. I do hope you will join us soon in creating more Peace not just for ourselves
but also for our families and communities too.
There is no disputing, with the many studies being
undertaken, the positive effects of Meditation on our
mind, body and Spirit. “Mindfulness” is the hot word
for modern day Meditation and it has many benefits.
Meditation calms the body and helps us find Peace
with our mind. Regular practice gives us a chance to
let go of the many stresses that we pick up through
out the day so we don’t get a build up. It’s like
emptying our bin daily! We become calmer, less
reactive and generally have more energy as we allow
the body to rest. You will learn mindfulness practices
in most Stress Free Zone Yoga classes or you can
book a One to One Yoga Coaching session to learn the
basics, which you can immediately put into practice.
My own personal practice is the Ishayas Ascension
Meditation. I loved it so much I gave my business to a
friend for 6 months while I went away to Spain to
become an Ishaya monk and I am now qualified to
teach it!
Please contact us if you are interested in
Sponsoring a course. If you and your
friends/family would like to learn
Ascension we may be able to come to you.
Open Weekly Meditation Group starting Thursday 24/3/16 7.45 - 9.15pm @Stress Free Zone
This group is open to ALL Meditators of any style and tradition, whether you have learnt from a teacher or
use an app on your phone! The idea is we basically all meditate for up to 1 hour as a group and that this will be a
“Meditation clinic” of sorts to help you get the most out of your Meditation practice and encourage you to keep it
up! You can come weekly, or as little/often as you need. Payment is by donation.
Book a Yoga One to One
Coaching session in April
& get a 2nd Half Price.
Thats 2 x 1hour sessions
for £60.