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One to One Yoga sessions are held in “The Cabin” @ STRESS FREE ZONE 
Jubilee Cottages, Station Road, Marston Moretaine, Bedford, MK43 0PN.
One to One Yoga sessions are a great way to get to know your body a little better!
Whether it is your breathing or posture that needs attention, the sessions are tailored
to your specific needs. If there are physical restrictions in your body we can work to
bring the body more in line with its original, optimal blueprint and even work
effectively without asana using pranayama (breathwork) and other tools of Yoga.
One to one sessions are also great when:
*Your are short on time and can’t make a class
*You want to join a class but don’t know what to expect
*You need remedial care and attention for specific injuries
*You suffer from anxiety, stress and breathing disorders
*You are burnt out and need time, space and guidance on how to Relax
*You want to work on mastering specific Asana
*You want to have a greater awareness of your body
*You want to improve your posture
*You want greater awareness and peace with your mind
*You want to learn to meditate or chant
*You want to start your own self practice.
Stress Free Zone
c: Rachael Hawes
    e: info@stressfreezone.org.uk         m: 07966 775150
Book a Yoga One to One Coaching session in April & get a 2nd Half Price.
Thats 2 x 1hour sessions for £60.
1 hour Session: £40
2 hour session: £65
3 hour session: £80
1 hour Yoga Relax session: £40
4 x consecutive weekly 1 hour sessions: £140
Concessions available on request.
To book please call/text Rachael on 07966 775150
or email: bookings@stressfreezone.org.uk
For info on private group classes for up to 4 people
email: info@stressfreezone.org.uk
For booking terms and conditions click here