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Cosmic universal energy
Fundamental life force energy that flows
through every living thing
Reiki is universal life force energy. Every living thing has “Ki” or
life force energy flowing through it. Many practitioners see and
feel this energy as Divine Love. In a Reiki session this energy is
channelled through the laying on of hands on the body, or in
ones energy field, to kickstart the body’s own healing process
and increase general health and wellbeing.
Reiki works on many different levels:
Although Reiki is not likely to correct birth defects, it can help the person cope better
with their conditions. It speeds recovery, particularly of open wounds and therefore
would not be used in the instance of losing a finger, until the finger is stitched back
in place! Reiki works to bring the physical body back to a state of homeostasis.
Reiki gently works at releasing old emotional and mental blockages stored within the
physical cells and the auric field. Working with the Reiki principles can help to
overcome the constant replaying of negative patterns and release self sabotaging
tendencies. Reiki is a great tool to assist one in overcoming depression and most
recipients feel a sense of peace and calmness during and after a Reiki session.
Working with Reiki opens us up to a higher consciousness and way of being.
It connects us to our own inner guidance system, our higher self. By working with
this guidance, working towards balancing all our bodies, physical, mental, emotional
and spiritual, by becoming calm and centred, we are better able to fully engage in life
and manifest the fulfilment of hearts desire and lifes purpose.
Reiki practitioners have an awareness of the universal life force and have been
connected to it through a process of attunement. Anyone can become attuned
to Reiki, in fact some people are already naturally attuned. I am sure most of
us have a family member with “healing hands”. The attunement process allows
people to safely open up to increased amounts of life force and gives structure,
focus and a deeper awareness to “healing” and what it entails. Once attuned to
Reiki the connection is for life, and all the recipient need do to activate the
increased flow of ki is to have a conscious awareness of it and lay the hands on
or above the source in need of energy, whether it be the self or another being.
There are three stages of attunement:
Every day take a moment to
sit comfortably with an erect
spine. Place one hand on
your heart and one hand on
your solar plexus. Breathe
deeply and focus on your
breath. Gently hold yourself,
be with yourself, send love
to yourself and affirm:
I RELEASE the need to be
I RELEASE the need to
I AM grateful for my life and
ALL the blessings in it
I AM honest and trustworthy
and I LOVE and trust in
I AM kind to every living
Attunes recipient to Reiki. Clears energy channels and starts the journey of channelling healing for use on oneself and others.
This can be viewed as the student stage.
Allows recipient to channel increased amounts of Reiki. Provides information on Reiki symbols. These are like keys that open the recipient
to greater understanding and uses of Reiki, ie, distance healing. It is usually at this stage that a Reiki student would turn into a practitioner.
Also known as Reiki Masters, this attunement again increases the recipients capacity to channel Reiki. The master symbol and attunement
process is taught. The practitioner can now, if s/he so desires become a teacher of Reiki and attune others to this beautiful and simple
system of healing.
A Reiki session lasts approximately 45mins, but allow an hour to include consultation. In a Reiki session you will remain fully clothed and
will be asked to lie on the couch, usually face up but extremely sensitive people sometimes find it easier to recieve Reiki whilst face down.
All you need to do is relax and it is quite usual for people to doze off! Rachael will work either with her hands gently resting on your body
(except for sensitive areas where hands are held above the body) or may work with hands above your body in your aura (energy field).
The following sensations are usual and normal in a Reiki session:
Intense heat from the practitioners hands or sometimes cold.
Energy shifts in your body felt as buzzing, popping, whizzing, spinning and pulsing.
Emotional releases such as crying or fits of giggles - it is important to let these out (tissues are supplied!)
A feeling of calmness, peace and bliss.
A feeling of agitation/resistance which with awareness and perseverance usually releases into a calmer state.
A feeling that more than one person is working on you.
It is recommended that initially three session be carried out within fairly close proximity (ie within a 2 week period), especially where there
are deep seated mental/emotional blocks (which can be indicated by agitation/resistance) or there is a physical dis-ease that needs
attention. If you feel that this would benefit you, you can book three sessions together at a reduced cost of £75 (saving £15 in total),
otherwise it is £30 a session. Many people find monthly top ups valuable in maintaining increased physical, emotional and mental health
and wellbeing and eventually go on to be attuned to Reiki themselves so they can have the benefits at their own fingertips and share this
wonderful energy with friends and family. To book a session or course of sessions, or to find out more about becoming attuned to
Reiki please contact Rachael.
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