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Stress Free Zone
“When I started yoga 2 years ago I couldn't even sit cross legged let alone get into any of the poses I had seen in books and
videos. I was struggling getting out of an armchair at that time. I am now 60, have more energy than I had in my 30's, have a
fantastic toned body and have found inner peace. The biggest benefit has been knowing how to breathe properly. The benefits
are so great that I believe Yoga & meditation should be part of the school curriculum. Rachael is a fantastic teacher.”
Lynne, Maidenhead
"Since my employer introduced our yoga sessions with Rachael nearly 2 years ago now, I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes. It
is great for stress relief during a week full of tension and stress, and I come away from these classes feeling a lot more relaxed
and ready to take on anything thrown at me. It has been a great benefit to me, and Rachael will always make allowances for me
being a "mature" lady by showing me ways of adapting the exercises."
Ina Rawlings, Cable & Wireless
Holistic Therapies
“I visited Rachael for a massage several times when I was pregnant with my first daughter and
found the treatment to be very beneficial.  Rachael was keen to see that I was as comfortable
as possible throughout the treatment, and I felt thoroughly relaxed during the massage and for
several days afterwards.  Rachael was also very helpful with regard to using aromatherapy
during the later stage of my pregnancy.  I would recommend this treatment to any pregnant lady
who feels the need to be pampered!”
Bec Ibbertson
"I have been receiving regular massage and Reiki treatments from Rachael for some years now
and, as a therapist myself, truly value the benefits that this intuitive and gifted healer offers. A
truly holistic experience".
Patricia Bellamy
“I started having reflexology sessions with Rachael about 6 months ago in order to bring my
menstrual cycle into a regular pattern after coming off the pill. After 6 weekly sessions my cycle
had become more regular. Now I try and see Rachael once a month, which helps keep my body
balanced. I also find it extremely relaxing and its lovely having your feet massaged almost to the
point of falling asleep!”
Jane Miller
“I have tried most of Rachael’s therapies over the last year and can totally
recommend her services. I especially like her massage therapies and leave feeling much better
and relaxed.”
Joan Hornby
Energy Therapies 
“If anyone was wondering
whether crystals could help
with physical and emotional
problems, then please just
give it a try. I haven’t looked
back since my crystal
Therapy with Rachael .”
Denise Wright
“I did my Reiki 1 & 2 with
Rachael and found the
experience amazing. I learnt
how to connect to what I call
'the energy of the universe'
which is very beautiful and
very powerful and has
enabled me to cope better
with all the challenges that
life has presented to me. I
would recommend it to all.”     
Lynne, Maidenhead
Recommendations, in my opinion, are
always the best referrals. So here are a few
testimonials from some some of my Yoga
students and clients from their own unique
perspective and based on their personal
experiences of the services that I offer.
c: Rachael Hawes
    e: info@stressfreezone.org.uk         m: 07966 775150