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Stress Free Zone
c: Rachael Hawes
    e: info@stressfreezone.org.uk         m: 07966 775150
Classic Indian Head Massage : £35
Seated massage of neck, shoulders,
scalp & face. A pressure point massage
to release tension, induce deep
relaxation and encourage a healthy head
of hair.
Deluxe Indian Head Massage inc Mini
Facial using NYR Organic: £47
Supine head, neck and shoulders
massage using NYR Organic essential
oils, NYR hair treatment plus a mini
facial that includes cleanse, tone,
facial oil, eye gel and moisturise.
Swedish Full Body Massage : £37
With Pre-Blend Aromatherapy: £44
Invigorating Swedish massage with
cupping and chopping techniques to
stimulate circulation & release tension.
Soothing Aromatherapy Massage
Pre Blend Full Body inc Face : £47
Personal Blend £55
Pure blissful, gentle, soothing and
relaxing massage. NYR Organic
aromatherapy oils are either pre-blended 
or personally blended to clients
requirements. Essential oils support the
body and mind to overcome physical,
mental and emotional stress.
NYR Organic Deluxe Aromatherapy
Massage : £77
As above including NYR Organic facial
with pressure point massage, plus hand
and foot scrub and moisturising
Deep Neuromuscular Aroma Massage
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
Pre-Blend: £33
Personal Blend: £40
Full Body Massage
Pre-Blend: £47
Personal Blend £55
Deep neuromuscular massage with NYR
Organic aromatherapy oils. A pressure
point massage to relieve tension and
break down nodules. Not for the faint
hearted but definitely for those with long
term built up tension.
Hot Aromastone Massage
Back of Body: £40
Full Body Massage : £55
Allows deep healing to take place as the
warmth of the stones soothe away
tension, reaching levels that hands alone
cannot. Double benefits are gained as
NYR Organic aromatherapy oil blends
work their own special magic, together,
inducing deep, yet grounded relaxation.
Pre Natal Full Body Massage : £42
Soothing massage with pregnancy safe
essential oil blend eases low back pain &
muscular tension. Oils nourish stretched
skin, help reduce/prevent oedema.
Relaxation for mum & baby.
Reiki : £35
Ancient energy healing system induces
deep relaxation using universal life force
energy to remove blockages & encourage
well being. To find out more about Reiki
Crystal Therapy : £40
Relaxing healing system that uses
crystals on and off the body to help
release energy blockages, physical &
emotional pain, remove/break negative
programming & clear heaviness within the
aura/energy field. Leaves you sparkling
with a feeling of lightness!
Angel Love Therapy : £40
Intuitive 3 card angel reading followed by
Reiki chakra balance to help you to
release the past and reconnect you to
your own source of inner guidance and
Wisdom now.
Yoga Relax : £45
75mins of restorative Yoga and Yoga
Nidra allows you to truly relax as you are
supported with the use of bolsters,
blankets, straps and blocks. Yoga Nidra
allows you to unwind as your energy is
One to One Yoga Coaching:
Great for therapeutics and to overcome
anxiety, personal Asana guidance, to learn
classic Yoga meditation techniques and
really fine tune your personal
Whatever You Need: 
A whatever you need session allows me
to work on you in a very intuitive way. We
usually start with breath and posture
awareness and may use massage,
reflexology, reiki and crystals to
encourage equilibrium.
1 Hours : £40
1.5 Hours : £55
2 Hours £65
3 Hours £80
Add these on to any other treatment for all
round healing & deep relaxation.
Reiki Chakra Balance : £10
Reiki of head, chakras and feet.
Crystal Chakra Balance: £10
Crystals net and placed on chakras
NYR Organic Mini Facial : £15
Cleanse, tone, eye gel, mini facial
massage and moisturise with NYR
Organic products.
NYR Foot Treatment : £7.00
Pumice foot scrub with comfrey and
mallow foot balm to finish.
NYR Hand Treatment : £8.00
Melissa hand polish, nail balm and hand
cream to finish.
Single session: £35
Course of 6 weekly sessions: £150
Put a spring in your step with massage
and manipulation of reflex points in
the feet that correspond with major
organs of the body to help balance
body systems. Your feet will be
tingling with joy.
Deluxe Reflexology : £42
Includes NYR Organic foot treatment
with pumice foot scrub, foot spa and
comfrey and mallow foot balm.
Crystal Reflexology : £45
Reflexology with the use of crystals on
reflex points and on chakras (energy
centres) to add an extra dimension and
boost the energy field.
Deluxe Head to Toe : £67
Supine head, neck and shoulder
massage using NYR Organic essential
oils, mini facial with pressure point
massage, hand treatment with NYR
hand polish and cream and foot
treatment with pumice foot
scrub and balm to finish.
Holistic Facial Massage
with NYR Organic : £37
Neck, shoulder and facial massage
with essential oils for all skin types
(Dry, Normal, Oily, Sensitive, Ageing).
Includes cleanse, tone, scrub, mask, oil
or serum, eye gel and moisturise.
Deluxe Anti-Ageing
Frankincense Intense Holistic Facial
Massage : £42
Neck, shoulder and pressure point face
massage with rejuvenating
Frankincense oil including cleanser,
toner, scrub, firming mask, oil/serum,
eye cream and moisturise.                          
To book a please email:
or contact Raye on 07966 775150