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It is advisable to call or text Rachael on 07966 775150 before dropping in or at least check the
Diary of Classes & Events page for exact dates & any known changes to the normal schedule.
Stress Free Zone reserves the right to cancel classes at short notice but this will only happen
due to emergency or illness! Last minute cancellations will be posted on the Facebook page.
Anusara Influenced Hatha Yoga
All open drop in classes are Hatha Yoga, strongly influenced by the alignment principles and philosophy of Anusara
Yoga. We apply the principles of alignment to bring our body back to its optimal state of well-being.  Anusara means,
 “to flow with grace”. We flow with the breath to find a deeper state of awareness that focuses and calms the mind,
creating a feeling of openness in our bodies. With regular Yoga practice our bodies become stronger and more flexible,
we become more trusting of ourselves as we honour our own individual needs. Yoga asanas (postures) provide us with
the opportunity to experience Yoga, the union of the mind, body and spirit. Yoga practice gives us space to be
completely present and fully engaged with ourselves so that we become confident in fully engaging with life and
expressing our own unique spirits on and off the mat.
Yoga Basics Courses/Classes are level 1. Suitable for complete beginners they focus on creating strong foundations
and good alignment in your practice and your posture. We work to ensure that you are breathing correctly with a lot of
preparation work to open the body for deeper asana practice. Some people are stiff in the body and need to learn to
release tension in the muscles and joints whilst others are hyperflexible (too bendy!) and need to increase strength in
their muscles to create optimal alignment. The alignment principles work equally well at both ends of the spectrum, so
these classes are also great for existing Yoga students that wish to explore the Anusara Yoga alignment principles.
Props such as blankets, bricks and straps will be used if necessary to allow your body to open.
Mixed Level Classes are level 1-2 and suitable for all. Postures are built upon so beginners can stay in the easier
options and are given props to support them as necessary whilst those that have been practising for longer have a
choice to take the poses deeper. Classes are often focused around a particular principle of alignment and heart centred
theme. They generally start with breath work followed by mixed asana practice and end in relaxation. It is important in
a mixed level class to remember its not all about getting into the postures, as you may be next to someone who has
been practising for years. Be realistic and listen to your body when attending these classes.
Yoga Master Classes are intermediate level 2. In master classes we work on understanding more deeply what the body
requires of us in some of the more challenging asanas. They are focused on a specific group of postures, ie
backbends, inversions, etc...
Yoga Flow Classes are Level 1-2. Suitable for fit and healthy beginners and for those wishing to practice more
advanced Asana. The flow sequences are scaled so beginners stay in the easier options.These classes are fun and
dynamic Anusara Influenced Vinyasa Flow. Great for students wishing to increase fitness levels, build strength and
stamina as well as increase flexibility. We flow between postures and work up a sweat! Good for those who like a good
strong, dynamic practice and want to improve muscle tone. 
Yoga Relax are gentle & restorative Yoga classes, suitable for all. They are semi private classes with a maximum of five
students per class. Pre booking is essential. The focus is on relaxation with gentle breath work, restorative asana
using bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps and Yoga Nidra meditation. Being completely supported and in alignment you
can easily release tension, relax and let go, allowing the body time to restore and regenerate. Ideal for beginners,
seniors, post natal ladies, those that need a more gentle practice due to injury, stiff joints or for recuperation after
illness. Its also great for carers, mums, anyone in the service industry that gives a lot and for those that generally feel
exhausted and need to take time out to truly relax. You can also book a Yoga Relax class as a one to one private
Yoga Therapeutics are level 1 Yoga classes aimed at correcting postural misalignments, improving breath quality and
awareness as well as working on alleviating general aches and pains that most of us experience through modern
living. These classes are great for when you have an injury and need a modified practice or you are experiencing
general wear and tear!
Yoga Rise & Shine is a level 1-2 early Monday morning class to set you up for the week, get the body moving and set
your intentions. This class is just as much about waking up from the limiting beliefs of the mind, setting your inner
compass to Peace, Joy, Love and Gratitude as as it about waking up the body.
Yoga One to One sessions are extremely beneficial as they are tailored to suit your own individual body and needs.
They are great for those that require greater awareness and attention due to injury, illness or limited mobility. A series
of postures and breath work can be prescribed for you to practice at home. If you are shy or nervous, suffer anxiety
and panic attacks, you can book a One to One session to learn breath awareness and breathing techniques that
empower you. One to One’s are also great if you are finding a particular asana or series of asanas challenging and
wish to gain a deeper understanding of what needs to happen in your body to achieve them or if you wish to
learn how to meditate to reduce blood pressure and the effects of stress in your life.
Fore more info on the benefits of one to one Yoga click here.
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