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Yoga retreat days and weekends are intended to give
you a well deserved rest and a treat!
Days are often themed around the cycles of nature and
the seasons, helping us to make the most of the
available energies around us. All days are aimed at
giving us the opportunity to open our hearts and
extend some LOVE to ourselves...something we often
forget to do when we are too busy worrying about
others and life in general! These days help us to
reconnect with ourselves and give us the opportunity to
meet with other like minded folk.
Facilitators of other empowering healing modalities are often welcomed to enhance
the Retreat’s theme with Gong Baths and Sound Journey’s, Meta Kinetics and EFT.
Like Yoga these practices help us release tension, stuck emotions and unhelpful
patterns that we may be storing in our bodies.
By dedicating the day to us, giving ourselves the joy of Yoga, Pranayama and
Meditation, and learning how to BE LOVE more consistently, we give ourselves a
powerful boost, not just in energy but in our own confidence and self esteem.
Stress Free Zone
Open to Grace - Sunday 15th June 2016
@ The Granary Yoga Studio
10am - 5pm
£65 or £55 early bird if booked by 30/4/16 (Use Discount Code EARLYBIRD333)
Vegetarian lunch included.
For full info and to book your space click here
c: Rachael Hawes
    e: info@stressfreezone.org.uk         m: 07966 775150